ouro collective | kaleido

Worked with OURO Collective again to secure funding for their second season (2016) creating and performing as a dance collective. We secured $18,000 from the BC Arts Council for a Project Assistance grant in Dance.

Project Title: Kaleido

Description: In Kaleido, commissioned choreographers Emmanuelle Le Phan and Elon Hoglund of Tentacle Tribe create a piece of limbs twisting, angles, and shapes constantly shifting and moving like a kaleidoscope. Kaleido is a modern compound made from two Greek roots, kalos: beautiful / beauty and eidos, that which is seen–as in form and shape.

Performance History:
May 2016: Studio 1398, Vancouver, BC
July 2016: Firehall Arts Centre (Dancing on the Edge), Vancouver, BC

Project site: https://www.ourocollective.com/kaleido/