juan cisneros | 2019

Secured an Early Career Development Grant from the British Columbia Arts Council of $25,000 for Vancouver-based artist Juan Cisneros Neumann.

Through this grant, Cisneros was able to embark on a one-year project and to work with his mentor, an established Mexican visual artist and visual arts professor, Gustavo Gómez Brechtel, to develop skills in working with translators (Spanish/English) for publication projects and exploring alternative and multinational distribution methods for publications.

To make this a practical learning experience, Cisneros planned to create a bi-lingual publication documenting the mentorship process.  Also, as part of the project Mr. Gómez Brechtel invited Cisneros as a guest to interact with his students and under his guidance, develop a multimedia seminar for informal publications that would contribute to his professional practice.

Artist Website: juancisnerosneumann.com